domingo, 17 de febrero de 2013


Why is so difficult for me start this blog, when I have lots of ideas in my mind, feelings and actions that I want to reflect?

Maybe because the beginnings of a new method of working need time to assimilate. 

Maybe for all the mistakes of this new language, the English, that I am starting to use more in my daily life.

Maybe because it is necessary to follow one rhythm which I am not sure I can follow.

Maybe because I compare how my partners do their blog and I feel that I am not so good like them.

Maybe because my reflections are not the best...

Maybe it is time to use all these duties to start to do a "good job", not the best, but yes a first good blog where from my point of view I share with who want to read MY PROCESS OF LEARNING here in Denmark. I don´t know which will be the way or the end... Just I will flow with the opportunity of living this experience.

Then, I take the space and only the necessary baggage for walking in the society that as social educator I would like to cultivate.

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