jueves, 21 de febrero de 2013


"Even if it is hard, it is good for you".

These are the words of our sport´s teacher while we were running, walking or doing some specific steps.

It is a test without mark, the result is for oneself in order to know how is our fitness and the most important, in my view, the instinct of give the best you can.

I have a circumstance on my left leg since I was born that don´t let me follow the rhythm of the others. I accept this situation, however in sports it is not easy to feel as comfortable as in other atmospheres of the daily life; even more when it is a test.

But I feel really surprised of what I lived this day: The HELP of the OTHERS. It was amazing how I could do the difficult test of "bip" which consists in run as much and fast as possible hearing one whistle that marks the rhythm. 

The shouting of Benze, how Alexiane catch me around the waist to support me, the hands of Joka when I arrived at one side and the rest of the partners around all of us.

In the help I could feel acceptance, closeness, love... Those things I needed to follow a good rhythm and finish my run with a good smile of satisfaction. 

This was the experience of my test and I am proud of what I learnt with that. I had the friendship and affection of the others because in the "test" of my daily life in Denmark I take care of them and with this, they took care of me in this "sport test". 

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