martes, 26 de febrero de 2013


Six months ago, I went to one Kindergarten in the island of Fanø. This place is located off the coast from the city of Esbjerg to which is connected by ferry.


When I arrived to this kindergarten I feel happy to see children happy in the school playing outside. I surprised that it was very easy go inside and outside for us (adult people) and for them.

I believe if they feel free to play then they´ll have their own personality, they´ll love them and like consequence to the others. I think and feel is the only way they can grow up healthy.
One thing I like is simple toys because with these, children can develop their creativity. For example; box with the hole. If toys are very elaborated, then all is done for children and they don´t have to create or invent things to play with these and their friends.

It´s very important they learn by playing between them and also have one good adult reference.

Maybe, what I don´t know if is there the kindergarten works with families to follow the same kind of education. This is fundamental to keep one holistic education.
In Spain I only have seen this on summer camps and I have studied like the ideal form to educate from person are children:
  • New school
  • John Dewey, laboratory-school.
  • Modern School of Ferrer i Guardia (1901), Summerhill or freedom like auto regulation
  • Freinet pedagogic (cooperation)


SIMILARITIES between Denmark and Spain:
  • Children have freedom to play different games outside and inside. It is another way to learn what is good and what is bad by the own experience of play with their mates.
  • Teachers and children have a closer relation without too much authority.
  • Children have to be children and then they have to learn by playing.
DIFFERENCES between Denmark and Spain:
  • This kind of activity (the excursion) helps us to know each other’s better because we are in other context that is not in classroom.
  • Thanks to simple toys children can develop their creativity because if these are very elaborated they can´t imagine anything.
  • In Spain, parents are usually very protectors with their kids. They are afraid of everything (be hurt, be sick, get dirty...).

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