jueves, 21 de febrero de 2013


The languages we know make a part of our identity. These are one essential skill or instrument with we can communicate with the world, the others and with ourselves.

In this way? What is my identity nowadays?

I try to represent with this picture and the colours. Depending of the part of the body where I paint I want to express meanings in this identity, also the same with the colours. 

SPANISH: My mother tongue, the Spanish, I represent with purple. It born on the heart and it expands for the rest of my body. It is the language with which I feel and live. The purple evokes me calm, strength and  forward to sharing. 

ENGLISH: It is the language that I try to have in my mind: think, improve, learn, internalize. Blue of patience, step by step...I paint my feet too because just now are the shoes that let me walk in this adventure around Denmark.

FRENCH: French on my legs. I have the green hope of coming back to learn French in another phase or adventure of my life.

DANISH: This new language for me on my belly button. It is really small, but it is in the emotional part of the body. I don´t want to forget that the language where I am living it is Danish. It is grey, just because it is a complicated language and frustrating don´t learn as well I would like and don´t understand what people of here are speaking about. However, I try with the Danish classes, with the kids of the family I lived and with the opportunities that Denmark bring me.

BODY LANGUAGE: with an energetic orange. Orange on the face, on the hands, on the stomach and around myself. It is the strongest communication  almost universal and full of creativity and possibilities and accessible to everyone.

The floor where I walk full of all the colours that build my identity. These make me up growing up in the journey of my life. 

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