domingo, 28 de abril de 2013


What is the difference between this two pictures?


But not simple time. 
Time full of learning, of experiences, of discovering Denmark... Time that has made us grow like persons, like the person we want to be. 
The magic of this time is that it doesn´t depend only of oneself, it is more how you have the meeting with the world, the persons and how you affront the diverse situations that happen in your life.
We are in the world, only one instant of all its eternity. This is time, but this is our time.

Once, working in one circus the director, a traveller around the world, said me: "Be sure we will meet again. I don´t know when or where. The world is a circle, in one of our rounds we will meet each others". I haven´t seen him yet, but we have met several times. How? Here it comes our creativity: maybe with one memory, one word, one picture, one emotion, one tear or one smile. There are so many possibilities like creativity inside us.
I am completely sure that if we really wish to meet again we can do it. How? We will find and create the way.

Thank you for every little and big things.
See you, sure!


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