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I am really excited of discovering a new way to learn history. It has been the History Class more satisfactory that I ever had. Why? Simple. We have created this lesson, with our effort and our experience. We have tried to involve the rest of the students with an interactive methodology creating our point of view. And this is the really fundamental lesson the capacity of create empathy in ourselves and in the others. 

Sara and I have presented as Historical Event which changes the vision of our reality one situation closed to our present and our people.

Here you have our presentation. Click and Enjoy!

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The mayor fault was our (ordinary people) desires to get everything; Iphone, houses, cars without having the money.

Why do we humans what materialistic stuff and more and more. We can't we just live on less and ignore commercials? And be happy with less?

It´s easy to say: "It´s fault of the system, of the capitalism, of the globalization!!!"
And this words have a part of true, but at the same time the word fault doesn´t let us think about the responsibility of our acts like persons, citizens of the system (maybe we don´t like this reality, but we are part).

We have learned to live above our real needs and this situation makes us anxious of wish more and more. But it is easier wish materials things, because are physical and are ours for sure. However, wanting more and more about knowledge, friendship, world, conscience is more difficult to conceive. But why? Because it is not to have, it is TO BE. And from this fact, it is indispensable believe in the relevance of the education of children and people.

We are used to think that money is the power. And yes, because it is one medium to get our goals, but not the goal itself. We should expanse our conscience to know and feel that there are so many diverse mediums of walking towards our objectives. It depends of our mind, heart and creativity. For example; there are different social initiatives like the social money, bank of time and each day more and more. It depends of the responsibility of people who believe that this crisis should be one opportunity to change that we don´t like and to grow up like citizens of our world.

"Be the change you want to see in the world." (Ghandi)

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