domingo, 17 de marzo de 2013


From the first days of class I have asked myself several times about the topic of virtual identity.
One of the days we spoke a little about this concept, however there is something that I don´t like about this idea...

Now we have  lot of "friends", lot of videos, lot of publications, sentences or ideas to share. But how do we know the reality of this identity we build? With this we win friends or we lose opportunities of being with friends?
Around me I see people (many times myself) with the computer or the telephones, like part of their body.
It is a paradox, while we are using these new technologies we accumulate information, profiles... but we lose the vital  experience of to be in front of our reality.
Nowadays two realities coexist: the physical and the virtual one. But do they actually coexist or confront each other? How can we know? 
I really feel afraid of that video can be true in the near future... I believe we are not so far away.

It is true that we can use the technology and ICTs in order to get benefits and facilities. We must to follow the rhythm of the world we live: globalization, ICT, mass-media, market... are the "future". But what about the personalization, the vital experience, the communication between people... I would like this for our present.

How to find the equilibrium in one world oriented to the new technologies? I think for the adults is more complicated that for the kids. For the kids, the parents are who must to mark the limits. The children are in a learning process and they need these limits for growing up in a healthy way. But what about us, how to find the limit? I don´t have one answer yet. I only get paradoxes and questions around my mind. 

I don´t want to win virtual abilities, while I lose social skills. Right now, I choose to spend my time, energy and life to be in contact with MY vital story between the arms and love of my people.

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