domingo, 17 de marzo de 2013


Traditions are composed of the history and stories of people who live in community. Then, if we have to achieve one world without traditions, some words come to my mind: isolation, insensitivity, hopelessness... It´s like the base of values, identity, and moral wouldn´t exist. People would feel lose without to know the correct way to grow up and be more free and happy.

We can´t define one culture without traditions. Because in other way, we wouldn´t live in society, we would remain alone. Some traditions help people feel belong one or other place, community or culture. This diversity helps to reach one holistic vision of the world. It´s important put awareness about the  fundamental of growing up together to make of the world one comfortable and safety place where to live.

Today, we live in one world ever more globalized. We can find some advantages to this situation, like easier access to every part of the world, economy (but only for rich people and rich countries) or the development of new technologies. However, in my opinion, this process makes disappears lots of characteristics and identity features of communities that have to adapt to this kind of “progress”. The problem is that if one determinate country or community doesn´t want to be alone, have to fit in this kind of development.

To sum up, every cultural community have to go forward to keep those traditions which help to define the feeling of community. For that, our society has to build in this present one future together, taking into account the common past. At the same time, it´s necessary to develop towards new ways to grow up together using the new resources we have in this our world.

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